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Friday, April 12, 2013 | 3:12 AM | 0 bamboo pillow(s)

Today is 12th of April . its been weeks since I’ve last written right?? But I guess its still not too late to write about the DAY I GOT MY SPM RESULTS :)

I woke up early in the morning , excited at the thought of getting my results. But arriving at school and actually seeing the dewan (the place where they announce the results at my school) makes me nervous. Thoughts like ‘what if I failed biology?’ and ‘ what if the results are not as I expected?’ keep haunting my head. But my parents keep telling me ‘the results are not important , just be grateful with what you got.. you already tried your best right?’ well , I hope so ==v

When I entered the hall , and saw my class teacher, she gives me a big hug and congratulates me . so when the speaker called out my name (all the straight a’s student got their results on the stage) I wasn’t that surprised. And I actually got the loudest cheers , hehe , thanks kawan-kawan. Oh, thankyou cikgu-cikgu for teaching me until I became the person I am today :’)

some of my friends 5sc5 . love u guys <3

Sedih tak sempat jumpa semua kawan :’( entah bila kita boleh jumpa lagi kann?

my results :) daebak kan?? Haha

After that my father took me to eat cendol :3 I guess celebrating straight a’s with a bowl of cendol is not too bad right ? ;D
Hmm, I cannot believe I’m actually saying this but… I miss school life :( I miss my friends, teachers, rehat time , but not the homework of course , haha

I just finished watching romantic and idol 2 . wahh , so best :) I hope they’re making season 3. Watching that made me realize.. minhyuk is quite cute laa :3 hahaha . I’ve watched btob’s 2nd confession , so comel la minhyuk oppa , ilhoon jugakk . haha .

But no matter what , L oppa and taeminnie will always be my ultimate bias . <3 <3 <3

Dijahh <3
Tuesday, March 19, 2013 | 9:07 PM | 1 bamboo pillow(s)

wahh , eventhough its already almost a week since i got back from plkn,, i still want to write 'bout it , haa

gonna miss this place :) a place of many happy memories ,hehe
masa mula-mula nak pergi tu memang laa macam nak nangis je, macam nak g bakar je bangunan zetro tu , haha . tp bila 16 mac pun tiba , after almost 70 days there.. sedih pulakk rasa. sayang nak tinggal kawan-kawan and cikgu-cikgu kat situ, huhu.

love u guys <33
ada banyak na cerita sebenarnya tp malas pulakk na type, next time la ye~ haha

dijahhsays ; kalau korang kena plkn,, pegi la dgn hati terbuka k . best je plkn ni, haha

p.s; kenapa laa aku takda whatsapp?? :(

yours truly,